G310B Flat

Retail & Food Equipment


Description :

Flat or Tower (Tower easily set up by the user. just for "Price-Computing" models).

Price-Computing models features :

  • Tare and set tare.
  • Manual auto-zero.
  • Set price: It allows to set the price to operate several times with the same item.
  • Display of the amount in secondary currency.
  • Programmable switch on/off of the backlight.
  • Automatic switch off: Available in models with internal battery. It allows to program a time to switch the scale off automatically, in case that there is no weight on the plate or a key is pressed.
  • PLU programming: It allows to program prices and codes for up to 100 articles.
Capacity :
6 kg x 2 gr
15 kg x 5 gr
30 kg x 10 gr


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